Siddartha Butalia | Creative Director

Solving problems is what I enjoy, well-defined analytical problems excite me as much as abstract conceptual ones. I am fascinated how the rational & irrational parts of our brain conflict when we perceive value in objects and consumption experiences, why some objects are irreplaceable whereas others prematurely end up in landfills.

We are always looking for top talent to work with us on a wide range of exciting projects. If you would like to collaborate, or just connect, feel free to contact me at

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Mandara Nagaraj | Communications

Many call her a "creative hybrid", Mandara specialises in Design & Communication. A graduate of Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore, she has accumulated experience as a copywriter and an art director in advertising agencies such as Ogilvy, Sapient Nitro & Grey. 

At the start of her career, she worked at an e-commerce website where she helped in winning a VC competition with a grand prize of 1 Million SGD.

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Kavita Butalia | CEO

A founding member of SB Design, Kavita has taken the role of a mentor on all projects related to this studio. A retired interior & fashion accessories designer herself, she provides valuable insight and perspective to our design teams during our research and development.